A long time ago, in a galaxy not that far away...

40 years ago, on May 25th 1977, an independent space opera movie called Star Wars premiered in just 32 movie theatres across the USA.

Little did the world realise at the time, how important and influential this single film would be to the future of moviemaking, merchandising and life itself. 

Of course, we all know now what a runaway success the movie was and continues to be. The franchise has gone on to be one of the most successful ever, amassing billions of dollars in revenue from a run of 8 blockbuster movies, animated TV series, computer games, action figures, merchandise and sponsorship deals.

In July 2018, a gathering of fans, actors and crew from all 3 eras of Star Wars, will come together to share their passion for the greatest movie franchise of all time.

The event will feature guest signings & photo shoots, live Q&A panels, costume groups & garrisons, cosplay parades & competitions, gaming, props, Jedi Lightsaber training and a huge traders area.

This is a non profit event, all proceeds go to the Marie Curie Hospice