Paul Blake


Paul has had an extensive career spanning four decades in Theatre, Film, TV and Radio.

Early days in Birmingham: toured at the age of 12 in close harmony `boy band` appearing with Max Wall, Donald Pearce, Hilda Baker, Jewel & Warris, Mat Monroe and the iconic Wilson Kepple and Betty!! After payment in cash he realised a theatrical career beckoned! Was once backed in a Geordie Musical by an unknown Sting!

Appearances ranging from Londons West End in `The Brothers Karamazov,` `Knuckle` and `Vanity` to fringe performances in almost every London Venue!

Europe and Asia in projects ranging from the title role in `Macbeth` and Vladimir in `Waiting For Godot` to Charles Swann in Marcel Proust’s `A La Recherché du Temps Perdue Plus a long running character in `Hong Kong` an Asia syndicated TV series! Was Artistic Director of Tivoli Theatre in Dorset for 6 Years.

His Star Wars `A New Hope ` Greedo character is now a much loved icon worldwide having transmogrified into figures, cartoons, parodies and `guest spots` in many other movies. 

The actor had this to say about his most famous role. "The character will live forever. For years I thought, I'm a serious actor, I've played Macbeth, and on my tombstone it will say Here Lies Greedo and according to all my kids that's pretty cool, so I feel very good about that".

Appears in

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)